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About Allegory

Allegory was born out of the understanding that storytelling is therapy for the soul. The human experience is vastly different for everyone and yet there is a common thread through out life we all share. The need for connection and belonging. 

Individual lessons in life taking each of us on journeys to places we never expected to go facing hardships we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams or nightmares. The soul laid bare, vulnerable and in need of empathy, grace and unconditional love. Our stories help shape our character and the become the very essence of who we are...the soul.

Producer, Julie Smith, is a Seattle transplant from Eastern, WA. Born into a large family with a single mom and 8 siblings, she found her way through John R. Rogers High School, Spokane Community College, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Western Governors University & Green River Community College. She currently heads Meraki Productions, a non profit production company seeking to bring important works of art to the stage.

Julies love for the stage began as an adolescent, her mother minored in Theater at Whitworth College and the family spent evenings playing improve games in the family living room. Julie studied theater in high school and in college and has several acting credits in the greater Seattle/Tacoma Area. They include: Sylvia, A Christmas Story, Blithe Spirit, The Tempest, Guys & Dolls, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, If Spiders Made Honey, Its a Watchamadozie and was blessed to audition for the Julliard school and more. 

As a woman, minority, Christian and part of the LGBT community, Julie takes great honor and pride in representing people from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. A through a life time of creativity and service, Julie considers building relationships through forming deep connections to be the highest form of confidence.  

Julie currently resides in south King County with her family.

 Producer, Julie Smith

Producer, Julie Smith

“Through deep and meaningful connection can we build shame resilience, trust and character. It is in these precious moments of  vulnerability that lives are changed & hope is restored.”
— -Julie Smith

meet the storytellers

Coming from all cultural background, beliefs and professions, each session combines a thoughtfully cultivated group of "The Storytellers", each bringing a unique experience to the stage. Sharing some of their most intimate and personal journeys through life, love, relationships, trauma & tragedy this collection of provocative & riveting stories will take you on an emotional roller coaster through unimaginable pain, heartache, soul searching and then lift your spirit through triumph and unimaginable, incomprehensible joy. 



ALLEGORY producer and Storyteller, Julie Smith is a Seattle area transplant born and raised in Spokane, WA. Julie received her A.A.S. from Spokane Community College, studied Multi-Media Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Business Administration at Western Governors University & H.R. at Green River Community College. Julie is the co-founder of the youth organization dedicated to anti bullying, self-esteem and civic engagement, The Power Cave, former Marketing Director of Seattle Fashion Week, LGBT activist, unabashed feminist and champion for youth, race, gender, female rights & equality. A creative in every sense of the word, Julies passions also include art, design and acting. She has several theater credits to her name. 

A true servant of the people Julies Christian upbringing has empowered her to seek opportunities to help and support people in need of love, friendship, knowledge and emotional breakthrough. This same background also created a space for internal conflict as Julie navigated violent relationships, fought the demons of depression, childhood cancer and her own sexual identity. She believes that through reflecting on our past experiences and sharing our personal histories we can change or even save lives. 


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Allegory takes great pride in selecting some of the best Storytellers around. Sharing personal stories that have transformed their lives isn’t an easy ask.

We hope you will return to find out more about our amazing lineup of Storytellers and come spend an evening with us!


STORYTELLER & volunteer applications available!

Storyteller Applications are NOW OPEN.

VOLUNTEER applications will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

**Applications to be a Storyteller DO NOT require the addition of a completed work. Sharing our stories is a process and all selected storytellers will receive guidance and direction to ensure guidelines are met. 

Due to the high number of application submissions,  not all stories will be selected at this time. Take heart dear friend, your story matters & may be considered for use at a later date. 

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Thank you, 

Julie Smith, Producer

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