Allegory; Stories That Shape the Soul strives to allow a supportive platform for important stories to be told. More important are the discussions our audiences have the opportunity to be a part of and the nuggets of wisdom each learned Storyteller has to share.

Changing lives and relationships one story at a time by having conversations that matter.


Allegory; stories That shape the soul

Allegory Storytellers dive deep into the experiences that have shaped their lives. The soul laid bare. This production is a collection of carefully curated true stories of how people from all backgrounds have triumphed over some of lifes most difficult situations.

Told by those who have lived through them, each profound, introspective & soul stirring story details the journey of how they walked through fire and came out alive.

This journey of self discovery amasses topics including surviving childhood trauma, coming through divorce, how one lives and dies through cancer, the loss of a child, religion, sexual orientation, the impact of severe health issues, addiction and so much more.

Each evening promises to be a candid glimpse into all of the hardships no one wants to talk about but that we all need to hear about. Lessons on how to do more than survive difficult circumstances and THRIVE!


Unapologetically Black

Race. often times considered a four letter word that no one wants to talk about. The big elephant in the room in today’s political and social climate.

Our Storytellers the veil on what it means to be black in America and offer a profound and sometimes unsettling insight into the emotional and physical toll racial division can cause.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK is a collection of true stories as told by those who lived through them. Each story a profound display of humanity and triumph amid racial and ethnic division across a variety of topics including mental health, law enforcement, education, relationships, identity and more.


Family. The epitome of connection, unconditional love and acceptance. Unless it isn’t. This moniker is widely accepted as an inclusive way to categorize the individuals that make up the LGBTQ community.

Diving deep into the in’s and outs of what it really means to be part of a family, born-in or chosen, each of our LGBTQ Storytellers shares a life changing experience and how sexual orientation has impacted their lives and relationships. IN LIVING COLOR helps redefine the meaning of self love.

These adverse and difficult stories force the audience to examine their own critical judgments of the people they see as different or set apart and make a decision about what kind of person they want to be.

From religion, societal expectations, raising children and just trying to fit into an ever changing world, IN LIVING COLOR brings together a collection of true stories as told by those who lived through them.